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Don't forget what is truly important, the simple and basic things in Life. Honesty, Pure Emotions, Gardening, Cooking, the Joy of Creating and sharing Recipes and to be blessed by the majestic beauty of Nature. Once you find out what makes you happy, try to do THAT for a living.

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Tonight's Menu

Skillet brats
Shells & cheese
fresh buttered toast points
iced tea

Olive oil (for cooking)
1 tsp minced garlic *
1 vidalia onion, peeled and sliced
leftover cooked brats coin-sliced about 1/4 inch think

Since I believe in making leftovers taste as as delicious and fresh as they did the first time around, I am always trying to think up new ways to perk them up.
I can actually say, I use recipes as a starting point when I cook. I will add more or less of an ingredient depending on our mood. For example, If you are a garlic Lover
you can increase the amount of the minced garlic you add to this lil recipe idea.
If you don't like garlic, simply leave it out. When I was a 'wee babe', just starting out in the kitchen, =) I used to take a look at a recipe and if it had an ingredient in it that I didn't care for I wouldn't make it.
Isn't that silly...

Of course that doesn't always apply.
I can not tolerate green peppers, any way shape or form. Not even in my potato salad. I used to buy potato salad at a very popular 24 store when I lived in Lousiville, everyone loved it ,except me. I never knew why until late one night when I went to get some for a work function and of course the deli was closed. Walked over to the cold case where they keep their plastic containers full of slaw, salads, etc...I looked on the back and read the ingredients and Tah Dah , it has green peppers in it !

enough of my green pepper rant...

Last night we had brats on the grill, tonight I am making a leftover skillet brat concoction,
in my iron skillet.

Place the following:
a few dribbles of olive oil, the garlic, and the sliced vidalia.
*Garlic Note:
We have no successful way to store whole garlic here in this lil hotbox we call home, it seems to spoil quickly. I find I actually save money by buying the minced jarred garlic. You can find several brands in the produce section of your store.

I let this simmer just a bit, since the brats are already cooked, dont add them yet, you just want to make sure you help the onions get a good start. Keep stirring it so nothing scortches. If you need to add a little more olive oil, go right ahead. When the onions have a few more minutes left, place the already Cooked leftover brats in the skillet so they can now only re-heat, but also pick up flavor of the simmering garlic.


As I am typing this information up for you tonight,
He is actually looking for leftover-leftovers

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